Discover Ängarna: a special place in north Småland

Ängarna: two special holiday homes in the heart of Småland.
On Ängarna are two former farm barns that have been converted into:

  • Luxury holiday home for up to 8 people
  • Luxury holiday home for up to 6 people
  • A simple hiker’s cabin for 2 people

These typical Swedish red holiday homes are fully equipped!
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Do & Experience?

We are located near Rumskulla, a smal town. The nearest larger place at Ängarna is Mariannelund. This is about 8 km from the holiday home. Mariannelund is a small village with parts of the old buildings still intact. The village has about 1,600 inhabitants. There is a supermarket, bakery, pharmacy, bank, petrol station, library, pizzeria and, Restaurant (Sofias). There is also a Karamellkokeri (Candy Factory).

Places of Interest and thing to do near Ängarna

Places/Towns: Vimmerby, Mariannelund, Eksjö, Västervik.

There are a lot of outdoor events and ‘typical Swedish festivals’ that take place every year until the second half of August. Check f.e. the newspaper or look at

Canoeing and Rowing at Ängarna: guests can make use of a Canadian canoe (3 pers.), a sit on top kayak (2 pers.) or a flat water kayak (1 pers). Life jackets are also available. A big lake and river are nearby.

Mountain biking. There are mountainbikes available. In the surrounding area you can enjoy mountain biking on the various forest and gravel paths. Big chance you’ll see a moose or some other wildlife.

Looking for wildlife. In the area are moose, deers, and lots of other wild animals. We regularly go out for a ‘wild spot adventure’ with our 4×4 WD Jeep. Besides spotting animals, the area is also popular for people who love fishing and nature photography. For fishing or hunting you need a permit.

Restaurants and food. In the places around Ängarna there are plenty of restaurants and cafes. In many of these places you can have a hot daymeal or at weekdays between noon a special offer. Fast food chains as Max Hamburger Restaurants, Mc Donald’s and Burger King are located along the main routes and in the centres. Also most larger places have pizzerias and kebab restaurants.

Glasriket: In this area are a large number of factories where you can take a look at the glass blazers. At you will find an overview of all the glass blow factories and the opening hours.

Katthult: the film ‘Emil in Lönneberga’ is recorded here.

Pelarne church: the oldest – still in use – wooden church of Sweden.

Karamellkokeri (Sweetsfactory) in Mariannelund

Theme parks (for children): Astrid Lindgrens Wereld in Vimmerby. In this park are several well-known places from the stories of Childrenbook writer Astrid Lindgren collected. During a walk through the park you’ll pass these places like for example Villa kakelbont, Katthult or the Mattisburcht. In all these places, theatrical performances are performed daily with scenes from the books.

Stepped mine in Vetlanda. Make an exciting mine walk. Opened since 1991 for tourism. Helmets, boots and lamps can be borrowed on the spot. Tip: Attract warm clothing!

Nils Holgerssons World in Södra Vi: watch Sweden in miniature.

Mooseparks. For example the ‘Älgpark’ in Virum. A visit to this park in Virum means that you will see moose.

Hiking: the the area of Ängarna is worth to explore on foot. Look for Sevedeleden.

Kalle’s Lek och Lättjo in Vimmerby is a Children’s “playing Paradise”.

Sweden Zipline. In several stages, with high speed, along a line above the Smålands forests and valleys gliding down. It is a great experience, but there are some guts needed to move away from the high towers and platforms again and again. Book on time!

Fishing. In The area there are a large number of lakes, so there is always a place for fishing somewhere. For most places you need a fishing license. You can buy these at the tourist offices.

Stora Utsikten is a view spot near Mariannelund.

Cycla Dressin: lorrie bicycles on the track.

Golfing is a popular sport in Sweden. There are several golf courses in the neighborhood.

Campfire. There is a campfire place in the yard. In the evening (if by local rules permitted) a campfire can be created with wood from the forest.

Hunting. On Ängarna is a special hunting weapon-safe present. Hunting is a popular in this region, but bound by strict rules. Nearby are landowners who rent out their hunting grounds. The hunting season runs from August to February and is split into different periods, according to species and region. See also for details the Swedish Association for the Hunt and game management (Svenska Jägareförbundet).

Bowling in Vimmerby.

Norra Kvill National Park with Sweden’s largest and oldest tree: Kvilleken.

Runkesten, A (wobbling) boulder of about 5 meters high, 4 meters wide and 10 meters long.